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Our History

How did GRANULĖS appear?

The company ECSO JSC was established in 2009. Initially, the main activity of ECSO was the collection of secondary raw materials and their preparation for sorting out. The company has been successfully expanding its activities and cooperating with foreign markets, such as Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Belarus and others, which help the company create its economic value.

The company has gradually gained customers’ trust and thus naturally the need to own a processing plant appeared. At the end of 2015, ECSO opened GRANULĖS JSC plant and started its own independent plastic processing and pellet production.

  • We have been operating in the field of secondary raw material processing since 2009 and a film processing since 2015.
  • Our greatest advantage is openness to innovation and effort to keep pace by implementing the latest technology in production processes.
  • We are also proud to have a particularly strong sorting out unit (raw materials from which the pellets are made are sorted out even twice).
  • We do care about the quality of our product and its control.


During 2018, we processed over 11000 tonnes of raw materials which were used to produce over 9830 tonnes of pellets.

We are not going to stop – next year we are planning to have one more totally completed line with the same or even greater capacity which will allow us to double reprocessed quantities. With a line that will wash a highly contaminated film, we will contribute even more to the cleanliness of the environment.


In order to improve the quality of the company management and service processes, ensure a successful and targeted company development, as well as a stable and competitive position in the market, Granulės JSC has obtained ISO 14001: 2015 standard certification.
Granulės JSC has obtained ISO 9001:2015 standard certification.
We are glad that Granulės JSC were the first and the only one in Lithuania to receive the international EuCertPlast Certificate. This certificate notes that Granulės JSC has implemented the latest, cutting-edge and environmentally-friendly processes in its activities.
- We work to make the earth breathe easier.


- To become a renowned and reliable global supplier of pellets and other plastic products.


Our Staff

The greatest assets of the company are its responsible, initiative and dedicated employees who are committed to their highest goals. Our employees create the benefits and added value of our company services to the customers. We have a great working and social atmosphere that ensures an effective cooperation and strong teamwork.

GRANULĖS team has half a hundred of employees and this number is constantly growing. Since employees spend a lot of time at work, we want everyone to feel at home. We strive to foster friendly relations with our colleagues. There is a room with fitness equipment and a tennis table in the office to have time for entertainment as well. The ones who feel tired and want to relax for a while can always go to the lounge and enjoy free snacks.

Much attention is paid to motivation and professional development. Every employee’s motivation is particularly important to us because it is a guarantee of quality work. Employees continuously participate at various trainings and deepen their knowledge about the latest technologies related to the processing of secondary raw materials. Employees are the foundation of our successful business activity.

Equipment we work with

We choose different suppliers because each supplier has both weaknesses and strengths. We take the best from each of them. In this way, we ensure the completeness of equipment which brings the best results in terms of efficiency and quality.


Extruder with a double filter. Erema is the best extruder and granulator producer in the world. Its products reflect the latest technology. The produced production meets the highest market standards.


Washing line. Herbold is an equipment producer with 40 years of experience in plastics processing. Good price and quality ratio. Energy efficient line.


Washing line. Sorema is the best producer of washing lines pursuing the best reliability and product quality indicator. This is our 2nd washing line.


Shredder. Vecoplan is one of the best shredder producers with many years of experience. Their shredders are innovative due to a rotor blade layout, and are energy efficient and reliable.

Processed raw materials
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